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1,700 USD is the average cost to rebuild a damaged vehicle imported from the USA.

Why do you have to check VIN before buying a new car?

Stolen vehicle base

Database of Stolen Vehicles


Odometer Reading

Damage history

Damage History

Manufacturer Recalls

Manufacturing Faults

Vehicle Usage

Previous Use

Vehicle Photos


Technical data of vehicle

Technical Data

Ownership history

Number of Owners


VIN's Checked

Registered Users

Hidden Faults Found

Positive Feedback


When you’re in the market for a used car, it’s important to arm yourself with the best information available to make the right decision. With VINSPECT you will instantly receive an accurate vehicle history report for the lowest price around. All you need is a VIN number and you’re set to go

100% Verified, Accurate Data

At VINSPECT, you receive verified data updated in real time that’s collected based on the VIN number. Wereceive the data from different sources including the largest and most trustworthy U.S. database — NMVTIS. Here you can get all the essential information about the used car you’ve bought or are planning to purchase. An online VIN check reveals all the data you need to know to feel safe and confident about your vehicle.

The Fastest Data Delivery

Right now you can check a VIN number by browsing more than 100 million records of vehicle histories. In the blink of an eye, you will get salvage records and/or total loss records. No more hours of waiting for your detailed report. We value your time by delivering all the data you need instantly. It has really never been easier to find out all the essential details regarding your vehicle. Try it out now and do not waste a second.

No Hidden Fees — It’s Really Free

For just an inexpensive one-time payment, you will get everything all at once. Use our VIN decoder anytime and as many times as you need. You will get instant access to the biggest vehicle history databases, including detailed information about any used cars, trucks, motorcycles and other vehicles, with no hidden fees and no additional charges. Use VINSPECT and do not pay more for a vehicle report than it really costs.

Reports available for unlimited period

Unlike all other similar systems operating worldwide, our platform grants you 24/7 access to the purchased reports, along with the opportunity to keep all the reports on your page for unlimited period of time. Additionally, you have the opportunity to download the report at any time in PDF format, print it or send it via e-mail.

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Buy the report on VINSPECT platform and save thousands not buying a lemon