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Frequently Asked Questions

1. For which vehicles can I buy report?

You can buy report for all vehicles (e. g. cars, trucks , buses, motorcycles, mopeds) having a 17 character VIN number imported from the USA and Canada. For more information on VIN number please follow the link

2. How can I check the vehicle history?

If you are to check vehicle history, you should visit the website or On the main page, in the text box to enter the VIN under the title “FREE VIN DECODER” you should enter VIN number of the vehicle and click "SEARCH". After couple of seconds, the results of your search in form of different history reports will appear on the desktop. At this stage, you should select the reports that you are interested in and simply click “BUY NOW”.

3. How much does the report cost?

To check the prices, please follow the link

4. What kind of information can I get from report?

You can get almost all information related to the history of the vehicle. For detailed information please follow the link

5. When will I get a report?

You will get a report immediately after making the payment. You will be able to email or download the report.

6. What if I face a technical problem while buying a report?

In the case of a technical problem, first off make sure that the VIN number you have entered is correct. If you still have a problem please contact us via the contact form

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