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Electric side of the future

Starting from the late 2000s, we have been observing more and more electric vehicles around us. But, if you had to buy one, who would you want to buy from?

Tesla is the biggest name in this market with their unique technology and the diversity of their cars. The major problem is that most people can’t afford the cars Tesla makes. So, Tesla introduced their new Model 3 which has a range of 354 km, and costs just USD 35,000. Chevrolet Bolt, with 383 km range, costs around USD 37,000. Nissan Leaf coming in at USD 30,000 is one of the most affordable options. But, it’s range is limited to 243 km. Overall, it’s hard to say who is the clear winner in this competition. Surprisingly, Porsche started to put more efforts to get more electric. Just recently Porsche introduced a concept of a sports car that covers over 300 miles with superb performance but without a drop of gasoline. Porsche Mission E truly represents the future. Electric side of BMW is presented by futuristic i8 and i3.

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